Senses – Madeline Green

Chapter 1

Madeline Green.

Welcome to Brandstrokes Prison


            Madeline Green tripped on her low hanging shackles and landed onto dirt ground with a loud thud. She gave a groan as a guard stood over her with a deepening scowl and a look of unyielding disdain. He wasn’t the first to look at her in such a manner. Since she was hauled into the back of a police van she had been watched with the same suspicion and contempt by nearly everyone she passed. Her trial had been a butchery, everyone out for her skin and possibly more if the law allowed it. No one knew why she had done the things she was accused of and none of them cared either.

What was I expecting really? A kind hearted lawyer to ride in and save the day?! Fat chance of that happening in Kingston.

Her neighbours and friends had all peered at her like they were disgusted to even be affiliated with her. So needless to say, the hatred the guard viewed her with, wasn’t new to Madeline. In fact it was a normal day since that fateful event, but in that moment, she felt a stab of anger at the prison guard’s obvious pleasure at seeing her falter and crumble. He didn’t know her or what she was like before she was hauled off to her doom in such a degrading manner. It wasn’t like she belonged behind bars, but for this arsehole who watched her with such loathing, she might as well be Hitler reincarnated.

Ignorant bastard. How can he fucking judge me?! He doesn’t even know why I am here and….okay calm. Remember what happened last time I got pissed off at someone. Don’t make this worse.

She looked up and narrowed her eyes at him, determined to show strength instead of fear. Despite the steely intent behind her glare, she was gripped by terror, her heart hammering as she faced her sentence.

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Starting out…

I have never been good at starting things like this but here goes…

I have been writing stories since I was old enough to form coherent sentences. It’s always just been a hobby, something I did for fun. I can let my imagination run riot without any restrictions. I have never had the courage to share my writing with anyone before, mainly out of fear of someone laughing in my face.

I think any writer or amateur writer out there will agree that sharing your writing is sharing a part of your soul. Cheesy statement, I know, but it is true. It leaves you open to some of the harsher truths you might not want to hear.

So on this blog I will be facing a few of my fears. I will be posting a few chapters to some of my stories.

Yes, I am aware they may be shit. They are unedited and there is a lot of work still to be done on them but it’ll be worth finding out what people think.

So let’s get started….