Senses – Kian Drake

Chapter 3

Kian Drake.

Battle of the Egos


Kian lay on his bed and continued staring at the ceiling rigidly. No one spoke to him and that was how he liked it. The twins hadn’t bothered to force him into conversation or to greet the new member of their prisoners unit. They acted as they always did, giving him a wide birth and leaving him alone. Madeline seem unperturbed by his lack of effort. She had enough to think about, adjusting to the rules and surroundings. She didn’t bother to say hello, which suited him just fine. He didn’t want to make friends whilst trapped in the shit pit he called home. He just wanted to live out his life in solitude, with his own thoughts for company. The only reason he even gave the others a glance was because they wouldn’t leave him alone otherwise. Tilly, especially, seeing as she was always aware of his thoughts and would question some of the more sinister voices.

The telepath is a fucking menace. She needs to mind her own business.

Most of the time, however, even the telepath knew when to keep her mouth shut and stay out of sight and mind. It was for the best, especially when she found his mute responses frustrating. None of the inmates bothered questioning his lack of vocals or human interaction. From day one they had figured out that he would never socialise with them and had no intention of joining the ridiculous Scooby Gang they seemed to have formed. They were all chatty with one another but Kian wasn’t going to break his code of silence, not for anyone. He understood their need for human connection, to feel as if they belonged in some social group and share in their misery. Yet Kian had never needed the comfort of others and certainly never wanted theirs. He found it easier to deal with alone.

At least then I don’t have to listen to the endless moaning about the cleanliness in the bathrooms and kitchen facilities here. Tammy really is a stickler for those pesky germs.

The twins and Lucas had found it particularly difficult to hide their amazement when Kian had actually moved from his bed that day. They had all noticed him watching the events unfold, but again, none of them said a word. Madeline was intriguing and had sparked his curiosity for all of twenty seconds. It wasn’t often he saw someone stand up to the guards in such a manner, especially after being processed and, most likely, kicked around a bit before being hauled into the main area. The guards never held back, even if it was a woman. Yet, Madeline appeared to be a strong willed soul, despite the bruising already forming around her arms and the split lip from a vicious punch or two. It had been impressive to see in such a small human being who had no real noticeable physical strength.

Have to admit…that’s new.

Madeline also had a fiery nature, which went along with her ability to set alight to things. It was, for a short time, enough to break him out of his own cage and take a look. Yet Kian’s interest in what she would do next soon faded when the guards were gone and the twins were left to explain the prison and its many rules to live by. They spoke at length about the history of the building and the other inmates who used to wonder the block before the explosion. They discussed Lucas and Jack with even more detail, but not once did they try and explain Kian. There wasn’t enough time in the day to introduce the idea of his not so simple background and the girl would probably freak out anyway.

People who have been in the prison with me for the last three years still don’t know me. This woman has no chance and I like it that way.

Kian wasn’t like most men, something Madeline would soon come to realise over time. He had a specific personality, which no one really knew about. There were three males in the block, each with their own stories and backgrounds which couldn’t be further from one another. Physically, mentally and temperamentally, each were completely unique in their own way. The differences between them was almost comical.

If you actually manage to maintain a sense of humour in this shithole.

The other two, by all accounts, came from relatively normal backgrounds. They were the types you could picture sitting in a pub on a Friday night laughing over a pint. Lucas was an impressively tall man, standing at six foot two and with a lean build. He was also the most unthreatening of the group, least intimidating and had a cheery smile permanently pasted on his features. He was friendly, upbeat but also mild in nature. He never raised his voice or allowed himself to get riled by the arguments which sometimes happened within the cell block. Tensions were always frayed amongst the small group, especially when Tammy got overloaded by it. Shouting and bickering often broke the silence. Yet Lucas never seemed bothered by it. He stayed out of drama and was often the voice of reason when it got to breaking point. He certainly never got upset by the unfair treatment displayed by their keepers. Even when the guards got too aggressive with him, threatened harm or just bullies him with words, he took their abuse with minimal sounds or effort to fight back.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he merely shrugged at them after receiving a punch. It seems to be his default gesture.

 Jack, on the other hand, was around five foot nine, slim with constant messy brown hair which never seemed to be calm. Much like him. He was a disruptive Scottish man with a flirtatious nature and a knack for getting into trouble nearly every other day. As much as he was a nightmare to live with, Kian couldn’t help but find the man entertaining. Jack was unable to take anything seriously and was hyperactive a lot of the time, almost like an untrained puppy. Internally Kian laughed at his jokes, not that he would ever admit such a thing, and he found temporary amusement whenever Jack wasn’t locked away in solitary.

Which is every week without fail. He’s also a fucking pest.

Kian, on the other hand, was nothing like them. He wasn’t chatty, he didn’t have a carefree outlook on life and never displayed a flicker of emotion in front of another human being. He didn’t need any more conversation then what he already had in his head.